Will Harden

Will Harden's Bio

  Grew up in Miami Florida and graduated from Coral Gables High in 1962. Joined the army and spent the last two years in Germany as Missle Power Systems repairman. During his time in Europe, he toured eleven countries and went down the Rhine River in a Kayak.
  Once out of the military, he worked his way through FSU and graduated with a double major in Business and Psychology with minors of Advertising, German and Biology and three courses in creative writing. His jobs during these eight years included construction, working for a pool service, repairman for older housing, work on a project for the military and caring for special needs children.
  While in Tallahassee he attempted to publish a book about drugs. He contrasted the old drugs of alcohol, tobacco and coffee with the newer ones of marijuana and the psychedelics. The general conclusion was that the old drugs, however unhealthy, are emotionally stabilizing while the new ones should be used with caution.
  Upon graduation, he returned to Miami where he worked at a variety of jobs until he started his own tree service as a Certified Arborist in 1985. Has pursued hobbies of Astronomy, boating, fishing and woodworking. He is now married and has three adult children and one grandchild. Has been a member of Southern Cross Astronomical Society since 1987. Since retirement as an Arborist in 2010, he has devoted his time to writing and taking a variety of interesting courses.
Contact: 305-669-0422  Email: WilliamLeeHarden@gmail.com
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