Will Harden


             ​ This book is about war and the kind of men, warlords, that thrive on war and how war has burdened humanity since the begining of human history. It also attempts to define the mind of the warlord, general or military leader who kill millions and ruthlessly throw vast areas into turmoil to further their power. It will attempt to observe how all higher animals engage in this destructive behavior to gain power and rights to females. It describe how there is a specific type of person who profits from war, feels useless in peace and therefore starts war so he can gain power. This book will also describe the many mounds in the Middle East where towns have been built, destroyed by conquerers as many as a dozen times leaving multiple layers.  And most of all, the futility of the totally peaceful society when it is destroyed by the military one. To put away ones weapons is seen as weakness by the warlord, probably the greatest reoccuring tragedy that burdens humanity.

Hurricanes, Hatracking and Heresy

              “Hurricanes, Hatracking and Heresy” is a non-fiction work that attempts to make order out of the absurd tree code that attempts to regulate South Florida. There are codes that prohibit the removal of more than 25% of a tree’s foliage at any one time. But at the same time, South Florida is home to a myriad of exotic species from the rainforests of the tropical regions that grow many times faster than any native trees. Some of them grow almost 25% in a year and must be treated differently, like trimmed much more severely. There are natives that do very well and can be treated with the 25% rule because they have evolved to take the hurricane winds that come approximately every ten years. 
  Also discussed are the many techniques of tree trimming, transplantation and erection of fallen trees as well as ways to avoid many structural problems in tree growth.