Will Harden

Short Stories

​Alien Intervention

An investigator discovers that aliens have been communicating with Earth for centuries. 

And Then There Were None

A beautiful girl makes some wrong choices in life and gets desperate.

Knights and Rusty Armor

Son of a Lord in 8th century Middle England falls for a beautiful farmer's daughter. 

​Martyr for the Oceans

A Ponzi schemer comes up with an ingenious solution to Global Warming with iron fertilization of the oceans.


A 10-year old Honduran boy struggles to survive hurricane Mitch in 1997. 

The Candidate

An elected president, as he is giving his inaugural address, realizes that he has already sold his soul to special interests.

The Physician

Young English doctor is brought in to care for a lonely queen who has been rejected by her husband.

Secret Assassin

Young man enlists in the security forces of a dictator to avenge the death of his village sweetheart.

Sunset Painting

Homeless man's life is transformed when he sees a painting that inspires him and leads him out of his drunken lifestyle.


Older male humpback whale tries to care for his pod while being protected by Green Peace. 

The Surogate

Astronauts on a multi-year space mission encounter unexpected social problems.